Fast track registration

We would like as many faith communities to register with the Welcome Directory as quickly as possible. 

You will be eligible to fast track your application if:

  • 2/3 people in your faith community currently goes into prison.
  • Your faith group leader knows about and supports your prison visits.
  • You have an active child/vulnerable adult safeguarding policy in your community.
  • Your community wants to be recognised as a welcoming and supportive community for people leaving prison.
  • You have consulted the leaders of your faith community about The Welcome Directory and this application process.

After we have received your submission we will contact the prison to confirm that your faith community does have good links with the prison chaplaincy and is involved at the prison on a regular basis.

Once we have heard from the chaplaincy we will send a designated contact a unique login so that your faith community can register in the directory and keep your community information up to date.

We do recommend that your community looks at the third session of The Welcome Directory course. There is a lot to think about, particularly in light of the great opportunities afforded to the voluntary sector because of Transforming Rehabilitation and the changes it has brought about.

The Fast Track Application Request Form can be found on this page.

The Welcome Directory sessions and registration process

If your faith community does not meet all of the criteria above then simply follow the following six steps to become a Welcome Directory faith community.

  1. Gather a small group of interested people from your faith community. Three or four people is perfect although a larger group is fine too.
  2. Let us know about your group and where you are based - we will help you find the prison closest to you and see whether they are set up yet to run the prison session. 
  3. Download the sessions included on this website and work through session one.
  4. Attend session two at your nearest prison - please note not all prisons are yet holding sessions but our aim is to have sessions running at every prison in England and Wales as soon as possible. Please be patient as we steadily introduce the work in each prison.
  5. Work through session three and decide what is next for your faith community.
  6. Register your faith community using the online registration form. Link available from your contact at the prison where you attended session two.