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Please read the introductory notes in order to get the most from the sessions.

Session 1: Beyond the prison gates

So what do you think about people leaving prison? Prisons and prisoners can seem like a mystery due to the fact that much of their sentence happens in a secure facility. Many of our ideas about prison and prisoners are learnt from films or opinion pieces in newspapers; many of these views can be outdated or unhelpful. Unless we have experienced it ourselves then it is hard to understand the consequences of a prison sentence.

session one

Preparing for the prison session

We want to encourage each participant to take a copy of the preparation sheet to read before session two. It will give you a really good overview of the role of prison and prison chaplains.

Session 2: Faith in prison

So what is a prison like? What happens when someone is released? Leaving prison and trying to settle in another community can be like standing at the foot of a cliff. Climbing up can be difficult and it is easy to fall! A guide and the right supports can make the climb easier.

This second session is based in a resettlement prison and will be hosted by people who belong to the various faith communities represented within the prison. It is to be run from within the establishment by the prison chaplaincy team. The session worksheet will be provided by your hosts at the prison.

session two

Session 3: So what now?

So what now? Faith communities can offer a spiritual home; a friendly community of steady and supportive relationships as well as appropriate practical assistance to people leaving prison.

This third session will help you to imagine what kind of support your own faith community might offer someone. You will also be invited to think about how you can join with other faith communities and supportive agencies in your area to share resources and to encourage one another.

session three